Best Places to Work by Milwaukee Business Journal (2015-2019)

Milwaukee Business Journal Names Commerce State Bank a 2015 thru 2019 Best Place to Work – An Inside View of Commerce State Bank

Describe your company culture in five words.

“Inclusive, decisive, collaborative, respectful and open.”

Give specific ways you ensure all of your employees know they are valued.

“We live our guiding principles consistently — respect, cooperation and performance. We provide employees the empowerment and responsibility to perform their job. Employees are placed in positions based on their strengths and talents which creates a strong and passionate workforce. Employees value our mission and that provides purpose/drive on the job.

“Informal benefits/perks — monthly on-site massages, free lunches, employee holiday party, 401(k) match and profit sharing contribution, access to executives, open door for input and ideas, corporate wear, business casual Fridays, casual dress and jean days for charity, spontaneous employee recognition, public and private recognition, free soft drinks and coffee, employee promotions, competitive compensation package, positive and fun work environment.”

What concrete steps do your senior leaders take to create a great work environment for all employees?

“Senior leaders share vision, goals and performance with all employees through regular communication, meetings, emails and events. They push decision-making down in the organization. Our facilities are modern and well-designed. They ensure management is engaged with everyone throughout the organization at every level. Management by ‘walking around’ is practiced at all levels of the organization (and driving around to other office locations). We focus on creating client ‘WOWS,’ both internally and externally. Leaders recognize and reward great work.”

Give specific examples of how your company creates opportunities for individual development and career growth at all levels of the company.

“We offer and encourage training/education to all employees on-site, off-site and virtually on a regular basis. We send employees to industry conferences, classes and professional development such as Graduate School of Banking and WBA Leadership Summits. Twice per year, an entire day is dedicated to training all employees. Commerce State Bank encourages community involvement in helping others and giving back to enrich our communities.”

How would you describe your company in 30 seconds to someone you meet at a cocktail party?

“We are a client-focused bank serving small to medium-sized businesses and individuals with their banking needs, including exemplary mortgage services and superior deposit rates. We offer great advice and expertise supported by competitive products and services. We pride ourselves on being responsible and providing fast answers. Along with our expertise in banking, we relate to business owners because we started the bank and faced the same types of business issues, questions, obstacles and demands. This applies to individuals as well; we have loans, expenses, obligations, commitments, dreams, plans, etc. We relate directly to our client base, because we are living the same things our clients are living.”

What are the most popular perks you offer to employees?

“Monthly on-site massages, weekly snack/treat days, casual dress days, flex time and employee appreciation events”

How does being a Best Place to Work affect your bottom line?

“This designation affects our bottom line positively on many levels, including attracting, recruiting and retention. People like that their employer and work is productive and valuable in the workplace. Valued employees who have purpose and direction are happy employees. Our clients benefit from happy, engaged employees which in the end shows up in our profitability.”

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