Cutting through Financial Challenges: The Interstate Sawing and Demolition Story

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After spending twelve years cutting concrete for other companies, Duke Long began formulating a plan to open his own concrete cutting business with the intent to be the best. He founded Interstate Sawing in 1996. With just one truck, a temporary office in his garage at home, and the assistance and support of his loving wife Sandi, they took on the challenge of pursuing their dreams.

It wasn’t easy. Together with lots of hard work, discipline, determination, and then some more hard work, Duke and Sandi were able to grow their business and make their dreams come true.

Having a plan is one thing… making it come true is a different story. Duke and his wife Sandi had more grit than concrete. Still, they needed help. They needed a bank that understood their business, and just as importantly, empathized with them as small businesspeople with a dream.

The Longs also needed help understanding the financial aspect of business. This is where Commerce State Bank entered the Longs’ road to success. Tom Hopp, President of Commerce State Bank, is a local West Bend boy trying to make good, just like Duke. Tom listened to Sandi and Duke, and then he helped them.

As Duke recently said, “Commerce State Bank has given me the flexibility to achieve my dreams. They taught me to become a student of the income statement and of the balance sheet.”

Sandi and Duke have grown their business by adding innovative concrete services. Interstate has become recognized as an expert in extremely limited space concrete demolition. The Longs have changed the name of their business to better fit how they have evolved. It is now known as “Interstate Sawing and Demolition.” Soon, they will be opening a Madison office.

Duke has never forgotten the key role that Commerce State Bank played in their continuing journey to success. “They helped me fully understand and really realize my potential,” he said. “I tell you what – you can’t do it without a good partner.”

Commerce State Bank understands that both your business and your banking needs evolve. If you would like to hear how your learning relationships become earning relationships, let us know.


Together, let’s roll.


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