Personal Accounts

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Commerce State Bank offers worry-free solutions with our checking, savings, money market, and certificate of deposit accounts.  Click to get started now with your new account!

Personal Checking [Click to Learn More]

EZ Checking

A no-hassle checking account to fit your financial needs.

Best Interest Checking

Designed for debit card, direct deposit, and online banking users to earn a premium interest rate.

Incentive Checking

Earn a higher rate of interest on your related accounts and enjoy extra benefits.

Savings Accounts [Click to Learn More]

High Yield Index Savings

All tiers $25,000 and over are indexed to Federal Funds Target Rate – Upper Bound published by Bloomberg.  Access to your money any time.

Money Market

Our Money Market account offers a tiered interest rate based on account balance.


Earn a competitive interest rate without locking up your money.

Certificate of Deposit (CD) & Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Our CDs and IRAs offer highly competitive interest rates with a variety of terms.

Commerce Health Savings Account (HSA)

Our HSA has no minimum balance to open and offers an interest rate that increases as your balance grows for healthcare costs and retirement savings options.