Hall of Fame: Class of 2018

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The Commerce State Bank Hall of Fame businesses demonstrate client loyalty of 10 years or longer, a solid banking relationship with Commerce State Bank, an advocate of the bank in telling others their experiences with our banking experts helping them run their business successfully and referring new cli­­­ents to Commerce State Bank.

KLH Industries

(L to R)- Luke Hagel- VP of Commercial Lending of Commerce State Bank, Joe Fazio- CEO & Co-Founder of Commerce State Bank, Ken Heins- CEO & President of KLH Industries, Dave Borchardt- CFO/COO & Co-Founder of Commerce State Bank

KLH Industries is a precision machining company created in 1987 where “one” was a key number: one room, one computer, one machine, one full-time employee (Ken Heins), and one part-time employee.  Thirty-one years later, KLH has doubled in square footage five times, serviced thousands of customers, and produced millions of parts.  However, “one” remains a key number for KLH, as a one-stop shop for precision machining solutions in Germantown.  

Congratulations Ken on being a charter member of the Commerce State Bank Hall of Fame!   

Interstate Sawing Company, Inc.

(L to R)- Joe Fazio- CEO & Co-Founder of Commerce State Bank, Duke Long- Founder/Owner of Interstate Sawing Company

Interstate Sawing Company was founded by Duke Long in 1996 with just one truck, a temporary office in his home garage and the support of his wife Sandi.  Today, the business has grown with a fleet of 26+ fully equipped trucks and a 16,000 square foot facility in West Bend.  Interstate Sawing is the Midwest leader in concrete cutting/sawing, robotic demolition, confined space demolition and excavating.  

Congratulation Duke and Sandi on being inducted into the Commerce State Bank Class of 2018 Hall of Fame!

Unbolt, Inc.

(L to R)- John Jepson- Vice President of Unbolt, Inc., Joe Fazio- CEO & Co-Founder of Commerce State Bank, Jay Jepson- President of Unbolt, Inc.

Jay Jepson, John Jepson and Steve Scholler of Unbolt, Inc. joined Commerce State Bank when it was founded in 2005.

“We started with Commerce State Bank right when they were founded in 2005,” said Jay Jepson.

“I had an existing relationship with one of the founders, Dave Borchardt, who is always straightforward and honest. Commerce State Bank has always been that way. If I have a need, they make everything easy to do.”

When asked if he would recommend Commerce State Bank to others, Jay said, “Unquestionably. Our relationship started based on straight talk and transparency. Commerce State Bank has been consistent with that from the beginning and has stayed true to that through today.”

Congratulations Jay, John and Steve on being charter members of the Commerce State Bank Client Hall of Fame!

Jackson Concrete, Inc.

(L to R)- Barb Lemler- VP of Cash Management of Commerce State Bank, Tom Hopp- President & Co-Founder of Commerce State Bank, John “BJ” Meyer- President of Jackson Concrete, Mike Meyer- Quality Control of Jackson Concrete, Mandy Meyer- Sales & Marketing of Jackson Concrete

John “BJ” Meyer, President of Jackson Concrete, Inc. joined Commerce State Bank when it was founded in 2005.

“Moving to Commerce State Bank was as important a move as I’ve made in my life,” BJ said. “From the beginning, they believed in what I could do. The most important thing was their ability to see my ability.” BJ said, “They actually got to know my business. It’s seamless – unbelievable how simple they make things for me.” BJ works well with the entire CSB team.

“Their team makes the difference. They’ve become our bank…for everything. I’m very proud of our relationship,” BJ said. “I believe they are, too.”

We sure are, BJ. Congratulations! 


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