Business Accounts

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Reach your financial goals with our competitive rates at Commerce State Bank. We offer a variety of accounts to fit your business needs. Click to get started now with your new account!

Business Checking [Click to Learn More]

Business Class Checking

Perfect for growing businesses with low to moderate transaction volume to manage cash flow on the go.

Premier Business Checking

Designed for mid-sized businesses with simple cash management needs and less than 500 monthly transactions.

Platinum Business Checking

This account is great for large businesses with cash management needs and higher monthly transactions.

Savings [Click to Learn More]

High Yield Index Savings

All tiers $25,000 and over are indexed to Federal Funds Target Rate – Upper Bound published by Bloomberg.  Access to your money any time.

Platinum Business Money Market

Money Market accounts are available with a tiered interest rate based on account balance.

Business Savings

Earn a competitive interest rate without locking up your money.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Our CDs offer highly competitive interest rates with a variety of terms and maturities.

Health Savings Account Program

Our Health Savings Account Program provides an opportunity for employers to assist employees with health care costs and retirement saving options.

Other Deposit Accounts [Click to Learn More]

Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts

IOLTA is an interest-bearing account that an attorney or law firm maintains for commingled client funds that are nominal in amount or held for a short term.

Interest-Bearing Real Estate Trust Account (IBRETA)

IBRETA is an interest-bearing account used by Wisconsin real estate brokers to hold down payments, earnest money, and other client trust funds.